The Children's Workshop Ways™ Core Values

At The Children's Workshop, we have what we call The Children's Workshop Ways™ values. These Children's Workshop Ways™ rules are based off of our four core values; We Are Safe, We Are Kind, We Do Our Best, and We Play To Learn.

The Children’s Workshop values and respects the well-being of all children, their families, and staff members.  We are proud to feature a positive behavior support model called The Children's Workshop Ways in our schools.

The Children's Workshop Ways™ model is something we proudly use and implement to ensure the social, emotional, developmental, and behavioral success for all children in our early learning centers.

The Children's Workshop Ways™ behavioral support model is based upon a research-based, nation wide initiative known as Positive Behavior Intervention & Support initiative (PBIS). We value the extreme  importance for all children to gain the social and emotional skills they need in order to be successful life long learners.  The Children's Workshop Ways™ model is a support system we believe provides all children with the opportunity to do so as well.  Our system also offers a holistic approach to developing and understanding why children may engage in problem behavior and strategies for preventing it both within early childhood centers and at home as well.  Parent involvement and support is a huge part of the success of Workshop Ways.

We have implemented The Children's Workshop Ways™ system in all of our early learning centers. Check out this Press Release from when we started the program!

To learn more about The Children's Workshop Ways™ core values and PBIS, please visit their website!

PBIS Website

The Children's Workshop Ways™ Rules to Live By

Be excellent, be yourself, take a chance, and always do what's right

Promote trust, respect, and dignity universally

Be passionate, pay it forward, and make a difference

Fun, laughter, and love are the essentials of being a life long learner

Our Mission

We are a devoted family of professionals providing quality early childhood education and care in play based, fun, learning environments. We are committed to nurturing children, strengthening teachers, supporting families, and building communities because we believe that family always comes first.