Toddlers are driven to explore and discover with boundless energy. Our program is designed to challenge this new sense of exploration and to capture their young love of learning. Our toddler classrooms are a blend of active stimulating play coupled with opportunities to participate in quiet play such as story time and art. Through the use of music, stories and games, toddlers learn to participate in activities that help expand their interest in learning, develop self-help skills and teach the concept of sharing. Toddlers are building a picture of what they can do and what they think and feel. Your child is learning about his or herself, other people, and how to communicate.

Our program provides developmentally appropriate activities and materials that stimulate young children's growing minds and to help them answer these questions about who they are and what they can accomplish. They need predictable routines, reasonable, consistent limits to keep them safe, and many opportunities to practice new skills on their own. Our goal is to have your child develop the self-confidence and self-esteem they need to be successful and to feel good about themselves.

The key characteristics of our Toddler curriculum include:

  • Small group activities and one-on-one learning experiences
  • Focus on early language development and literacy activities
  • Opportunities for positive social interactions
  • An environment designed for safe exploration
  • Daily routines to provide the consistency toddlers crave
Toddler laughing while at a preschool program at The Children's Workshop in Providence, RI