Meet The Children's Workshop Mascot

Webster the Puffin!

Why a Puffin? You may ask...

Well, we find Puffins to be pretty awesome. Not only are they adorable and fun, but they are also incredibly versatile.

In fact, Puffins are all about Limitless Possibilities.

Puffins can fly, walk, swim and dive; they have no limits.

At The Children's Workshop we believe that children also have limitless possibilities. Early education is the key to a child's success and our goal is to provide the groundwork for all the possibilities that lay ahead.  Webster helps in that mission by inspiring our teachers and the children in our care to show off their bright colors and achieve whatever they put their minds to.

T.C. Webster

Murphy is Webster's Puffin Pen Pal

In fact, we love Puffins so much, we adopted one -

Meet Murphy- Webster's Puffin Pen Pal!

Pretty cool, right?

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Check out Webster's Book "Webster Goes to School" online or ask how you can get your own copy in one of our centers!

Webster Goes to School