LIFE Conference

TCW Teachers enjoying the 2012 LIFE Conference

Annually on Veteran's Day, The Children's Workshop brings all of its teachers, administrators, and support staff together for a day of training, team-building, recognition and FUN!

L.I.F.E. stands for "Leadership Institute for Educators" and that is exactly what our all-staff training day is.  We bring some of the best trainers from across the region in to present workshops on various topics for staff in order to ensure that they are up to date on the latest developments in early childhood education.  These workshops give teachers hands on instruction in topics like child development, curriculum design, and lesson planning.

In addition to giving extensive trainings, the LIFE Conference is a great team building day for our company.  It is the one day per year that teachers from all our centers come together in one location, allowing them a great opportunity to network and share their experiences and best practices with their peers.

The Conference also spotlights the company's best teachers and recognizes outstanding performers with awards in categories such as Star Educator and the Teamwork Award. At the end of the day, all employees are eligible for prize drawings for outrageous prizes ranging from big screen TVs, computers, gaming systems, and tablets to even a motorcycle!

We value our teachers greatly and the LIFE Conference is one way we give back to them by providing training and recognizing their amazing achievements.

An Interactive Training at the 2012 LIFE Conference


Join The Children's Workshop family and come see what LIFE is all about!