"The amount that she has learned is astonishing.... "

I am writing to give some positive feedback for TCW in Bourne. {My daughter}, recently started attending TCW after attending a different center for the first 4 years of her life. I must say that the improvement I have noticed in just the short 6 weeks she has been there has been amazing! Miss Rhonda is her main teacher along with Miss Sara and a few others that have been filling in, they are amazing!!! Miss Rhonda has made it so easy for {my daughter's} transition that I can't thank her enough. The amount that she has learned is astonishing, she is writing her name and many other words already. She talks about her "friends" and her teachers constantly at home and can not wait to go to school in the mornings. Miss Bailey as well has been amazing. I only wish I had put her at TCW earlier in her life! My brother just recently had his first child which I convinced them to also join TCW, he starts next week. Thank you Bailey and ALL the staff for everything you have done to make {my daughter} feel loved.



Mariah T.

"I feel very fortunate..."

My daughter Caroline is 4 years old and attends The Children’s Workshop in North Attleboro.  I want you to know how pleased I am with TCW North Attleboro.  As a parent, childcare is the most important decision to make.  As a single, working mother, I feel that it takes on even more importance.

Caroline has been in home daycares and I initially resisted the idea of a childcare center.  I feared that she wouldn’t have the emotional connection with her teachers as she did with her home daycare provider.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Caroline and I have both connected with the staff at TCW and I know that she is comfortable and well cared for when she’s there.  I love when I pick her up and see that someone has braided her hair or, on special days, painted her face.  There have been days when Caroline has tripped or fallen on the playground and tells me that she sat with Miss so-and-so who hugged her until it stopped hurting.  When I pick her up at night, there are always hugs from her teachers before we can leave.  I feel very fortunate that she has had teachers who work in child care because that’s what they love to do, not because it’s a convenient fit with their lifestyle (namely Miss Liz and Miss Pam).  Caroline recently moved from Miss Liz’s pre-k room to Miss Pam’s advanced pre-k room.  Although we were both sad for her to leave Miss Liz, there is an equally strong connection with Miss Pam and I’m extremely happy with both rooms.

Aside from the “care” aspect of TCW, Caroline has made leaps and bounds over the last 9 months or so with her academic skills.  She can write her name, all the letters of the alphabet, she can count in Spanish, she looks for patterns in everything, she loves finding rhyming words.  I know that these skills have been developed through the teachers at TCW, and I am grateful.

From an administrative perspective, I have also been very pleased.  Elise is always available for my questions, comments or concerns.  There was a point last spring when Caroline resisted going to school for a few days.  I called Elise to discuss the situation.  She spoke to Caroline’s teacher and within 10 minutes of my initial call to Elise, I had a call back from her with a cause (one of Caroline’s friends had moved from preschool to pre-k) and a solution (she started Caroline’s transition to pre-k).

In an ideal world, I’d be able to stay home with my child every day.  In the real world, that’s not an option for me and I have to work full-time.  Knowing that Caroline is in a nurturing, caring and loving environment in which she can grow and learn allows me to provide for my daughter with a clear mind.  As Caroline begins kindergarten in North Attleboro in September, I am thrilled that she will be able to remain at The Children’s Workshop for before and after school care.


"...they are loved and truly cared for."

My son is now in the 2nd grade and spent 2-3 years at the North Attleboro TCW location. My daughter is now 4 and has been there since age 3 months. I would highly recommend The Children's Workshop. The team at the North Attleboro location are fantastic. Not only do I always feel my children are safe, but I can see they are loved and truly cared for. The teachers and support staff put in every effort to get the children ready for school, as well. When you're looking for the whole package, the North Attleboro team has it. They're always willing to talk, receive feedback, keep families posted on their children's progress and development and are genuinely friendly and kind. My son is doing well in a challenging class and my daughter surprises us everyday with what she has learned. I love the regular attention and consideration to the best class make-up and how the rooms are structured based on the children's age and developmental stage. What's more is their "open door" policy on visiting while your child is in class, so you can see what they're doing in between the time you say goodbye and go to work and come back to their happy faces. I strongly encourage other families to check them out!

Yve A.

"All of the teachers in the infant room are absolutely wonderful..."

All of the teachers in the infant room are absolutly wonderful!  You all take such good care of {my daughter} and I can't thank you enough!  I know {she} enjoys her days with you because she always smiles when seeing you and is always in a good mood when we pick her up.  You have made daycare an easy transition for a nervous, first time mom and for that I am forever grateful!  Thank you for loving our {daughter}!

Melissa D

"The staff are welcoming and helpful in every aspect..."

I am so pleased with the genuine warmth and caring that the staff has for my son.  The staff are welcoming and helpful in every aspect from schedule changes, illness, etc.  I am confident that my son is learning new skills each day and receiving plenty of attention and respect!

Heather B

"...so incredibly happy with my experience at TCW..."

Hi Heather,

In a time where people often focus on the negative, I wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with everything Miss Tammi has done in the Toddler 2 room since she became head teacher. I've noticed all the "little things" - like posting the breakfast and lunch menus, the arts and crafts she does with the kids, the seasonal displays she creates - which all add up to big things that make a difference!! I am so incredibly happy with my experience at TCW and wouldn't change a thing. Please give a big thank you to Miss Tammi and the teachers who take such great care of Olivia and Ben each and every day.

Warm regards,

Kate Medeiros

"We were very critical when choosing a daycare..."

We were very critical when choosing a daycare for our baby.  But when we came across TCW there was no question.  We are very happy with our decision and can tell our LIttle {Baby} loves her daycare day.  Miss Megan & Miss Moe are wonderful!

Scott & Meghan M.

"I can send her there with confidence."

For all the genuine excitement they show when my daughter comes in, to the warmth and caring she can feel every day, that is why my daughter so loves going to TCW, and why I can send her there with confidence.  Thank you!

Kevin & Celeste

"I highly recommend this school to children and parents."

This center is great and the staff is amazingly helpful.  My daughter loves The Children's Workshop.  She says her teachers are so nice and they even helped potty train.  I highly recommend this school to children and parents.

Nixida C.

We love knowng he's in great hands...

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing Sue and her staff and TCW Seekonk have been for my family. We moved across country from Arizona last year in October and I utilized them through Bank of America’s Back up Care program while we sought our permanent daycare solution. As we sought permanent care, I couldn’t help comparing the facilities and staff we were meeting with the wonderful women who were quickly becoming like family. We’ve been with them now for over a year and transitioned our son from the Infant room to Waddlers and now onto the Toddlers room. They’ve made every day a joy. It’s obvious that Sue and every single member of her staff care a great deal for the children. They are organized, creative, considerate and, most importantly, communicative. [My child] is engaged every day and we can tell he’s learning so much with the team. He loves it there and we love knowing he’s in great hands every single day. We’ll be moving back to Arizona within the next month and I wish I could pick them all up and take them with us. Having the experience of incredible care here will help me know what to look for as I seek new care for our son in the coming move. You have an incredible team doing amazing work there in Seekonk under wonderful leadership and I needed to share that with you. Thank you!"

Renee A.