"I could never thank her enough..."

This letter is long overdue! Miss Stacey has been taking care of Mila since she was 4 months old at The Children’s Workshop in Providence. When I was still so nervous to leave my fragile baby with anyone else but someone I knew. From the moment I met her I knew she was in great hands with Miss Stacey. The first 18 months of Mila’s life have been a rollercoaster ride! Mila was born with a congenital heart defect called Truncus Arteriosus which I found out at my 20 week ultrasound. Mila was also diagnosed with Deletion 22Q Syndrome about 2 months after birth. 22Q deletion is an immunodeficiency disease and children with this syndrome have many developmental delays. Mila was transferred from Woman and Infants at just a few hours old to Boston Children’s Hospital and had open heart surgery at 5 days old. She spent the first 22 days of her life at Boston Children’s Hospital. That was only the beginning!

In the first 18 months of Mila’s life, Mila has had 2 open heart surgeries, 2 cardiac catherizations, a 9 day ICU stay fighting RSV, repeated bronchiolitis episodes, many E.R. visits, a bronchoscopy, ear tubes, early intervention, physical therapy every other week, she meets regularly  with a geneticist, immunologist, pulmonologist,  etc…..It definitely has not been easy!!!  Mila is obviously not your average baby and luckily for us, Miss Stacey is not your average daycare provider!  This woman has gone above and beyond for my daughter. Miss Stacey has given Mila her breathing treatments on a daily basis, worked very closely with Mila’s physical therapist to get Mila walking( which by the way didn’t happen until she hit 22 months old), came to the ICU to visit Mila when she had RSV, etc. etc... On top of all that stuff most importantly she showed Mila lots of love and attention!

As a single mom to Mila and her 10 year old sister Asia, these past few years have been a challenge for me to hold down a full time job as a medical secretary, be a full time single mom, juggle all Mila’s doctor’s appointments & many emergency room visits  all while staying sane was very, very hard for me. Whether Miss Stacey knows it or not she would give me the push I needed when it came to Mila’s health when sometimes I just wanted to give up, Miss Stacey kept me on my toes! Miss Stacey has become almost like a 2nd mom to Mila. Because of Mila’s health, she and I have a very special bond and I very rarely left her with anyone. Miss Stacey made me feel so content that I was able to go to work and perform my job without worrying about Mila. I never once questioned anything when she was at daycare.  I did not know Miss Stacey from a hole in the wall before Mila attended TCW but she has almost become like family to us. She did not have to go out of her way like she did. I understand part of what she did was her job, but all the extra she did really should be recognized. We all work hard every day, when it is noticed it makes us better employees. Not that Miss Stacey could get any better because she is the best, but she is absolutely an asset to The Children’s Workshop! I could never thank her enough for the care she gave my Mila or the comfort she gave me! Thank you so much Miss Stacey for loving my baby the way you did and do (and we all know she loves you right back), you will always hold a special place in my heart for that!! Mila has finally transitioned to the toddler class now and we are going to miss, Miss Stacey very, very much! 

Trisha G.

We love knowng he's in great hands...

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing Sue and her staff and TCW Seekonk have been for my family. We moved across country from Arizona last year in October and I utilized them through Bank of America’s Back up Care program while we sought our permanent daycare solution. As we sought permanent care, I couldn’t help comparing the facilities and staff we were meeting with the wonderful women who were quickly becoming like family. We’ve been with them now for over a year and transitioned our son from the Infant room to Waddlers and now onto the Toddlers room. They’ve made every day a joy. It’s obvious that Sue and every single member of her staff care a great deal for the children. They are organized, creative, considerate and, most importantly, communicative. [My child] is engaged every day and we can tell he’s learning so much with the team. He loves it there and we love knowing he’s in great hands every single day. We’ll be moving back to Arizona within the next month and I wish I could pick them all up and take them with us. Having the experience of incredible care here will help me know what to look for as I seek new care for our son in the coming move. You have an incredible team doing amazing work there in Seekonk under wonderful leadership and I needed to share that with you. Thank you!"

Renee A.

"We didn't want to move our children from the fantastic program!"

As our family was looking for a new home, we turned down a great apartment based only on the fact that it was too far from The Children’s Workshop. We didn’t want to move our children from the fantastic program they have here…and we’ve since found a home much closer to the center.

Carey A.

"I can send her there with confidence."

For all the genuine excitement they show when my daughter comes in, to the warmth and caring she can feel every day, that is why my daughter so loves going to TCW, and why I can send her there with confidence.  Thank you!

Kevin & Celeste

"It's nice to know who is taking care of your children."

We have been going to the Children's Workshop since August 2004 when my son was 2 months old. He is now in the 1st grade, his little sister is now in the Waddlers classroom and is learning wonderful things from the same teacher that taught him. We have been with the same core people for over 6 years, it's nice to know who is taking care of your children.

Kim G.

"Teachers were attentive, responsive and nurturing..."

This summer I was the Early Head Start mentor at the Children's Workshop Centers in Central Falls and Pawtucket. I have worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 30 years and have been involved in Head Start/Early Head Start for over 18 years. I wanted to tell you about the wonderful caregiving services that the staff and directors at both the Central Falls and Pawtucket centers provide for families and their children.Teachers were attentive, responsive and nurturing to infants and toddlers.They were eager to learn and enhance their professional development. I was very impressed with the cultural diversity of the staff. They all worked as a team to help families and their children feel welcome and comfortable  in a child care environment. The staff's ability to speak the families primary language provided children and their parents with a sense of security and trust. Teachers used a caring, respectful approach to develop a personal relationship with children and families. Staff were attuned to children's verbal and nonverbal communication and needs which helped to foster developmental growth. Teachers used a loving, responsive approach to caregiving and delighted in children's accomplishments. I wanted you to know the type of commitment and collaboration I observed at both these sites.
Sonya Murphy, MS

"Thank you for Parents Night Out!"

To the staff and wonderful teachers of the Smithfield Children's Workshop:

We want to announce that because of the event of Parent's Night Out, our little family has taken a special step in life, we got engaged! This night helps parents spend some time with other, and do the things that may be hard to do without the care of a babysitter! The safe environment surrounded by the teachers they love allows the kids to play, and their parents to play too! We can not express our gratitude enough, and we are so happy to be a part of your little community!

Alicia & Dan

"...so incredibly happy with my experience at TCW..."

Hi Heather,

In a time where people often focus on the negative, I wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with everything Miss Tammi has done in the Toddler 2 room since she became head teacher. I've noticed all the "little things" - like posting the breakfast and lunch menus, the arts and crafts she does with the kids, the seasonal displays she creates - which all add up to big things that make a difference!! I am so incredibly happy with my experience at TCW and wouldn't change a thing. Please give a big thank you to Miss Tammi and the teachers who take such great care of Olivia and Ben each and every day.

Warm regards,

Kate Medeiros

"I feel very fortunate..."

My daughter Caroline is 4 years old and attends The Children’s Workshop in North Attleboro.  I want you to know how pleased I am with TCW North Attleboro.  As a parent, childcare is the most important decision to make.  As a single, working mother, I feel that it takes on even more importance.

Caroline has been in home daycares and I initially resisted the idea of a childcare center.  I feared that she wouldn’t have the emotional connection with her teachers as she did with her home daycare provider.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Caroline and I have both connected with the staff at TCW and I know that she is comfortable and well cared for when she’s there.  I love when I pick her up and see that someone has braided her hair or, on special days, painted her face.  There have been days when Caroline has tripped or fallen on the playground and tells me that she sat with Miss so-and-so who hugged her until it stopped hurting.  When I pick her up at night, there are always hugs from her teachers before we can leave.  I feel very fortunate that she has had teachers who work in child care because that’s what they love to do, not because it’s a convenient fit with their lifestyle (namely Miss Liz and Miss Pam).  Caroline recently moved from Miss Liz’s pre-k room to Miss Pam’s advanced pre-k room.  Although we were both sad for her to leave Miss Liz, there is an equally strong connection with Miss Pam and I’m extremely happy with both rooms.

Aside from the “care” aspect of TCW, Caroline has made leaps and bounds over the last 9 months or so with her academic skills.  She can write her name, all the letters of the alphabet, she can count in Spanish, she looks for patterns in everything, she loves finding rhyming words.  I know that these skills have been developed through the teachers at TCW, and I am grateful.

From an administrative perspective, I have also been very pleased.  Elise is always available for my questions, comments or concerns.  There was a point last spring when Caroline resisted going to school for a few days.  I called Elise to discuss the situation.  She spoke to Caroline’s teacher and within 10 minutes of my initial call to Elise, I had a call back from her with a cause (one of Caroline’s friends had moved from preschool to pre-k) and a solution (she started Caroline’s transition to pre-k).

In an ideal world, I’d be able to stay home with my child every day.  In the real world, that’s not an option for me and I have to work full-time.  Knowing that Caroline is in a nurturing, caring and loving environment in which she can grow and learn allows me to provide for my daughter with a clear mind.  As Caroline begins kindergarten in North Attleboro in September, I am thrilled that she will be able to remain at The Children’s Workshop for before and after school care.


"...they have an outstanding foundation for life's many journeys."

Almost 7 years ago a family member and former employee referred us to The Children's Workshop  in Smithfield.  Due to my career I am very protective of my family, and it is hard for me to trust strangers.  She reassured me that the company / center  is the safest and most dedicated to there clients, and I gotta say she was was totally right.  The Smithfield Centers staffs has become like an extended family to us.  The Staff has helped us mold our girls into little ladies and they have an outstanding foundation for life's many journeys. 

Jason C.