"...a very nurturing and creative environment..."

TCW creates a very nurturing and creative environment where our kids are not only learning but they are having lots of fun.  We are happy to have found such a great center so close to us.

Mercedes M

"It's nice to know who is taking care of your children."

We have been going to the Children's Workshop since August 2004 when my son was 2 months old. He is now in the 1st grade, his little sister is now in the Waddlers classroom and is learning wonderful things from the same teacher that taught him. We have been with the same core people for over 6 years, it's nice to know who is taking care of your children.

Kim G.

"I can send her there with confidence."

For all the genuine excitement they show when my daughter comes in, to the warmth and caring she can feel every day, that is why my daughter so loves going to TCW, and why I can send her there with confidence.  Thank you!

Kevin & Celeste

"There really are no words to express the gratitude..."

There really are no words to express the gratitude for all you do for {my child}.  You're kind, honest, fair, and have a lot of patience.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Carlos S.

"I can only say one thing: THANK YOU."

I wanted to take a moment and express mine & my spouse's gratitude for the way the staff and teachers handled yesterday's snow storm. Myself, just like many other parents, spent hours on the road, trying to get to the daycare, before abandoning my car on the side of the road and walking over. During the hours I spent stranded in the daycare, I was amazed by the commitment the teachers and staff showed as well as their empathy toward the parents and the children, even though they had their personal emergencies they had to deal with. We love the day-to-day experience our son & daughter are going through, but seeing you guys operate under stress, with no panic, and with only the well being of the children & their parents standing in front of your eyes, I can only say one thing: THANK YOU.

Tsahy & Adi S.

"They are always friendly and patient."

"The staff in the Toddler 1 room have been excellent.  They are always friendly and patient.  They take great care of our son and we feel very confident leaving him with them.  We have noticed that his vocabulary and social skills such as sharing have been improving due to them."

Duane & Pel B

"...they have an outstanding foundation for life's many journeys."

Almost 7 years ago a family member and former employee referred us to The Children's Workshop  in Smithfield.  Due to my career I am very protective of my family, and it is hard for me to trust strangers.  She reassured me that the company / center  is the safest and most dedicated to there clients, and I gotta say she was was totally right.  The Smithfield Centers staffs has become like an extended family to us.  The Staff has helped us mold our girls into little ladies and they have an outstanding foundation for life's many journeys. 

Jason C.

"I wouldn't take them anyplace else."

I live and work in Newport, RI, but it’s worth the driving back and forth so that my two kids can be at The Children’s Workshop in East Greenwich. I wouldn’t take them anyplace else.

Alida P.

"The staff members are great!"

The staff members are great!! I can't thank all of them enough for being so caring and loving with [my child]. He feels like he is home and they (all of the staff) provide me with the piece of mind I need to get through my days.


"We were very critical when choosing a daycare..."

We were very critical when choosing a daycare for our baby.  But when we came across TCW there was no question.  We are very happy with our decision and can tell our LIttle {Baby} loves her daycare day.  Miss Megan & Miss Moe are wonderful!

Scott & Meghan M.