Child Care is NOT Day Care. So.... what’s the difference?

In our opinion, there’s a world of difference between day care and child care! Day care implies a babysitter in your home (or theirs), hopefully keeping your child safe. While keeping your child safe is extremely important, we believe at this early age, it is critical for young children to be getting a high quality education as well.

Pediatricians will tell you that the formative years for a child’s brain development occur between the ages of 0 to 5. That’s why quality child care centers like ours throughout RI and MA provide daily opportunities for young children, even infants, to learn about the world around them. At The Children’s Workshop, our programs incorporate learning every day, in every classroom, and the children see it as having fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

We are not a "Day Care"... We are so much more!

We provide high quality child care and early childhood education in an environment where learning is child’s play!

Choosing the right child care program for your child can be very difficult.

Use our Quality Child Care Checklist to help evaluate the programs you consider!

Child Care Checklist