The Children's Workshop Emergent Curriculum

The Children's Workshop Curriculum was developed by the company's top teachers and professionals. It is inspired by many of the principles of The Creative Curriculum and focuses not only on local state early learning standards, but on standards used across the country as well.

Our curriculum emphasizes a child's ability to choose his or her educational activities in an intentional, play-based environment. We are focused on a holistic approach to child care that offers more than a traditional day care center; we strive to help your child get a head start in learning.

Our Curriculum Focuses on 5 Essential Development Domains:

  • 1. Social and Emotional Development
  • 2. Physical Development
  • 3. Artistic Development
  • 4. Cognitive Development
  • 5. Language & Literacy Development
Teacher and student showing off artwork at the early learning program at The Children's Workshop in Providence, RI

Within each of these domains we define goals, and then create performance indicators for each goal. In addition, we include "Learning in Action," which offers specific examples of how our teachers can assure these goals are met within their classrooms.

Our observation and assessment system is closely tied to this framework to ensure that our teachers are consistently working with the children to help them meet their goals and are attentively documenting their successes.

We strongly believe that children learn best when having fun, so our curriculum emphasizes play as the primary goal within all five developmental domains. Children learn vital life skills such as communication, comprehension, self-regulation, and positive self-awareness. We also incorporate essential academic skills including music, art, life sciences, mathematics, reading and writing - all through PLAY!

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Social and Emotional Skills

The Children’s Workshop values and respects the well-being of all children, their families, and staff members. We are proud to feature the Workshop Ways™ positive behavior support model!

The Workshop Ways™ Rules model is a system we implemented to ensure the social, emotional, developmental, and behavioral success for all children in our early learning centers.

This behavioral support model is based on a research-based, nationwide initiative known as Positive Behavior Intervention & Support initiative (PBIS). We value the extreme importance for all children to gain the social and emotional skills they need in order to be successful lifelong learners. Our Workshop Ways™ model offers a holistic approach to developing and understanding why children may engage in problem behavior and strategies for preventing it both within early childhood centers and at home as well. Parent involvement and support is a huge part of the success of this model.

We have implemented the Workshop Ways™ model in all of our early learning schools. Check out this press release from when we started the program and hear parent testimonials about our continued success with the program.

To learn more about the Workshop Ways™ core values and PBIS, please visit their website!

PBIS Website